🌳 Bonsai: Trading Precision, Simplified 🌳

🌟 Overview

Discover Bonsai: an intuitive indicator tailored to streamline market trend identification. By harnessing proprietary calculations, Bonsai delivers insightful trading signals, all shaped by a single core element: sensitivity.

📊 Features

  • Dynamic Sensitivity Modes: Straightforward yet comprehensive settings:

    • (Auto) Slow, Mid, or Fast: Bonsai automatically adapts its sensitivity in these modes, aligning seamlessly with market dynamics.

      • 'Slow': Approach to catch larger market movements, generating fewer signals.

      • 'Mid': A balanced mode producing a moderate number of signals.

      • 'Fast': Targeted at quick market fluctuations, yielding more frequent signals.

    • Manual: A mode for those who prefer to set the pace. Tailor the sensitivity to your specific trading goals and preferences.

  • Clear Visualization:

    • Trend Colors: Green indicates upward momentum; Red signifies downward trends.

    • Customizability: Modify trend colors with adjustable gradient intensity and opacity.

  • Performance Insights: A table displaying the effectiveness of all modes, guiding your strategy choices.

  • ALMA Integration: Bonsai incorporates the Arnaud Legoux Moving Average, enhancing trend line accuracy.

  • Dashboard Color Options: Toggle between light and dark themes for ideal chart visibility.

  • Alert System: Receive buy/sell signals in real-time and establish alerts to stay ahead.

  • Compatibility: 'Buy ▲' and 'Sell ▼' plots as 1 or 0. This allow users to seamlessly integrate outputs as a source for other indicators, enhancing its compatibility and versatility.

🎛 How To Use Bonsai

  1. Begin by selecting your desired sensitivity mode.

  2. Observe the color cues to decode market directions.

  3. Refer to the performance insights to refine your strategy.

  4. Activate alerts to remain updated on prospective trading avenues.

📜 Feedback and Continuous Improvements

Your insights power Bonsai's growth. As the trading realm evolves, so will Bonsai, ensuring we cater to the dynamic needs of traders. Together, we make trading smarter with Bonsai. 🌳

🚀 Elevate Your Trading

Seeking a sharper view of the market? Integrate Bonsai into your TradingView suite. Crafted with our advanced algorithms and customizable to your preferences, Bonsai is here to assist you in your trading journey.

❗️ Disclaimer

Bonsai is an indicator, distinct from a trading strategy. The performance table provides insights for informational and comparative purposes only and does not guarantee accuracy. Be aware of the inherent risks in trading. Conduct comprehensive research and consider various factors before making any trading moves. Bonsai aids in market analysis but doesn't promise specific outcomes.

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