🌳 Bonsai OS: The All-in-One Oscillator 🌳

🌟 Overview

Bonsai OS offers a comprehensive oscillator suite tailored to meet diverse trading needs. By consolidating multiple distinguished oscillators, this tool streamlines analysis while employing advanced algorithms to detect bullish and bearish divergence patterns, providing users with clear insights into potential reversal areas.

📊 Key Features

  • Multi-Oscillator Selection: Transition seamlessly between four of the trading world's prime oscillators:

    • RSI (Relative Strength Index)

    • CCI (Commodity Channel Index)

    • Stochastic

    • MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence)

  • Dynamic Coloring: Oscillator line hues adjust based on market conditions:

    • Green in oversold zones.

    • Red in overbought zones.

    • A customizable default color for neutral areas.

  • Advanced Source Customization:

    • Option to select default data sources.

    • Toggle to employ High & Low as data sources.

  • Divergence Indicators: Precise bullish and bearish divergence signals facilitate potential reversal spotting.

    • Exclusive signals for the combined divergences of RSI, CCI, and Stochastic.

  • Price Strength Background: A groundbreaking gradient background that displays price strength with changeable transparency and intensity.

  • Instant Alerts: Configure notifications for bullish and bearish divergence insights.

  • Compatibility: 'Bullish Divergence ▲', 'Getting Bullish ▲', 'Getting Bearish ▼' and 'Bearish Divergence ▼' are plotted as non-displayable 1 or 0. This allow users to seamlessly integrate outputs as a source for other indicators, enhancing its compatibility and versatility.

📜 Feedback and Updates

Bonsai OS thrives on your feedback. Together, let's revolutionize the realm of trading tools. 🌳

❗️ Disclaimer

Trading inherently carries risks. While Bonsai OS is crafted to augment your analytical arsenal, it is paramount to combine its insights with comprehensive research and market understanding. Always prioritize making informed decisions and consider seeking advice from financial professionals.

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